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Debt Collection

If your bills or loans are not paid on time, the business you borrowed money from or bought goods or services from might ask a debt collector to collect the money from you. Where can I find help? Get free budgeting advice from community agencies such as Money Talks or your local budgeting adviser.If you need legal advice, contact Community Law Waikato on 0800 529482 or ...

July 3, 2019

NZ Law changes from 1 July 2019

- More protections from family violence- Changes to Oranga Tamariki Leglislation and - Establishment of a new Transitional Support Service- No more single-use plastic bags- All Kiwi rentals should be well insulated- 17-year-olds will be included in the youth justice systemThese law changes are among the many taking place from July 1 2019. To read more, click on the list below.

July 1, 2019

Better Funding Needed for Community Law

Today’s Post-Budget announcement extending last year’s interim funding boost to Community Law services is the second step in honouring the Coalition Government Agreement to increase funding to Community Law. “The final step is yet to come,” says Community Law Centres o Aotearoa CEO, Sue Moroney.The additional $2.18m was put in place as an interim funding boost last year, while Community Law worked through a funding review with the Ministry of Justice to identify the proposals that would ...

June 27, 2019

Protect your privacy as a tenant


June 26, 2019

Community Law Welcomes Beneficiary Rights Protection

Mothers on Sole Parent Support who sought legal advice from Community Law on their rights when they were investigated for relationship fraud have today been backed by the Privacy Commissioner, forcing MSD to change its policies.Open the document below to learn more....

May 16, 2019

Lawyers' Special Fund Pays Out $14 Million to Community Law Centres

Justice Minister Andrew Little has revealed that the Lawyers and Conveyancers Special Fund provided the 24 nation's Community Law Centres (CLCs) with $14.44 million between 1 November 2017 and 28 February 2019.Please click on the link below to read more.$14-million-to-community-law-centres...

April 24, 2019

Rentbot - free help with tenancy law

Rentbot is a FREE digital assistant to answer questions about renting, and the rights and responsibilities of tenants and landlords.  It can be accessed for FREE via Facebook Messenger:

December 10, 2018

New CLC head says funding still inadequate

It’s a new era for Community Law Centres o Aotearoa with a funding boost in the new Government’s first budget and a new head, the ex Labour MP Sue Moroney.Ms Moroney says the amount of money they need in order to provide a really valuable service is double what they do receive, which is currently about $11 million annually. That would enable the centres to reach a lot more people who need legal assistance.To read more click on the link below.

August 3, 2018

Sue Moroney New Community Law Centres CEO

05 June 2018 Sue Moroney has started work as the new Chief Executive Officer of Community Law Centres o Aotearoa. Ms Moroney replaces the inaugural CEO of the national community law organisation, Liz Tennet.Sue Moroney was a Labour MP from 2005 until 2017, and she has been a prominent campaigner for Pay Equity and against Early Childhood Education funding cuts.

June 5, 2018

More people to gain legal help as Community Law Centres get funding boost

The head of the Community Law Centres says the “surprising” 20% boost provided in the Budget will make up for a decade-long deficit and enable the centres to reach thousands more people each year. The increase to the CLCs amounts to $2.2 million extra operating funding in 2018/19.Community Law’s Chief Executive Liz Tennet says the amount is exactly what they asked for, but they did not expect to get it all.To read more click on the link below...

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