Communities now have more of a say on liquor licences issued in their area

New alcohol legislation is being dubbed a move in the right direction. 

The immediate phase aims to make local alcohol licensing processes more accessible and fairer; and improve communities’ abilities to influence alcohol regulation in their area.

Until recently community views have been virtually non-existent from alcohol licensing processes under the current law, and only 19 of the 5,197 of the applications that were made in 2022 (less than 0.4%) were declined. 

“CLCA’s research highlighted how our most at-risk communities are more likely to have an excessive number of alcohol outlets, and when licence applications in those communities are made, they are unlikely to receive any objections or opposition by Police, Health or Council Inspectors.” says Sue Moroney. 

Another issue here is a 'David and Goliath' situation, where community objectors are willing to object, but cannot afford legal representation. Meanwhile, alcohol licence applicants are often national chains and can afford legal representation, including specialist lawyers.

Listen here: Sue Moroney explains about the impact of alcohol on communities

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