“Volunteering at Community Law has been one of my best experiences yet. It is incredibly rewarding to assist a team of professionals who genuinely care about the community they serve."

When the Centre first opened in 1995, there was one lawyer, one manager and a part-time receptionist. Today, we have a paid team of 14 employees and an army of volunteers.

The Centre is governed by a board of trustees who volunteer their expertise to support the ground force. 

Our paid team includes ten lawyers (including two managers), an advocate (who provides help with Work & Income), a community liaison, an administrator, two receptionist, and a volunteer coordinator.

We attribute the success of the work we do to our dynamic and dedicated team. Our team is passionate about making positive change in the lives of those we help.

Meet our Team

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Lawyers

Community Law Waikato - Te Tari Ture ā-Hapori o Waikato, has a team of volunteer lawyers who provide legal advice at our evening clinics.  Their contribution is crucial in the operation of our clinics and our ability to serve our communities.

The team of volunteer lawyers consist of local practitioners who bring a wealth of practical knowledge and experience. This ensures that our services cater for the extensive range of legal queries.

We usually have between 20 and 30 lawyers in total working alongside our caseworkers. Each lawyer will usually rotate once every 4-6 weeks during an evening clinic.

Lawyers enjoy the opportunity to mentor future lawyers and the obvious opportunity to improve access to justice for all those in Aotearoa.

To register as a volunteer lawyer please click on the 'Apply to Volunteer' link below.


Volunteer caseworkers are an integral part of the daily beehive of activity. They are often the first and only face-to-face contact for people seeking help.

Caseworkers’ core duty revolves around client interviewing including relaying legal advice from a lawyer to a client. It involves careful analysis of legal facts and issues and the ability to communicate effectively with clients from a range of backgrounds and cultures.

Our caseworkers complete a comprehensive training program with a series of practical workshops and observations. Our lawyers guide them through the training. 

Community Law Waikato - Te Tari Ture ā-Hapori o Waikato, is a registered partner of the Employability Plus Programme (EPP) through the University of Waikato. This allows students to gain credits for their volunteer work at our Centre. To find out more https://www.waikato.ac.nz/student-life/student-services/employability-plus-programme/

It is simple to join our team of volunteers. Simply register your application in the link below. Applicants must be 1st, 2nd or 3rd year law students with good communication skills. 

Staff Vacancies

There are no current vacancies.

"To be fully successful in the law, one does not have to be brilliant or exceptionally gifted. The most effective work in the world is done by ordinary people who put forth extraordinary effort. This is true of lawyers. Our strengths are magnified with experience and inspiration."

President James E. Faust (J. Reuben Clark Law Society)